25, April 2017

The 3 Good Knives that have worked Best for Me

As a professional chef, there isn’t a so called good kitchen knife. And these typical knivesĀ are not just mere chopping and cutting tools. They are not normal apparatus that I should and must have in my modern kitchen. To me, good knives are many things. They are like a beautiful woman with all “pieces” fit together and firmly to give the most outstanding craftsmanship in the world. They are like the most adorable race car fine-tuned with all aspects including, the shape of the handle, the weight of the bolster and curvature of the blade, taken good care of in order to provide exceptional optimal balance and performance.

I have therefore spent many years searching for what I could term as “Good Knives”. By chopping and slicing over 70 tons of vegetables, the following knives have proven to be my life-long partners in this promising career;

The Mac Chef’s Knife

good knife pictureThe reason I have to open this list with this amazing knife is a bit personal. I will not mind sharing it with you anyway. I will tell you for free that it saved me big time when I was a newbie in the hospitality industry, due to the fact that it is one of the cheapest brand in the market. In fact, its price tag is a third of my most expensive knife!

This charming piece of kitchen beauty is made of finely finished pakka wood which is one of the best hybrid woods that not only assures its firmness but also its remarkable lightweight advantage. This may not be your luxurious and highly expensive knife, but I can assure you it has one of the sharpest and long-lasting blade around.

The Global G-2 8 inch Chef’s Knife

Good Kitchen Knife 2

Honestly, I have owned this knife for 5 years now and it is still one of my best. What I love about it is its incomparable single-piece metal design which makes holding great and chopping fun. When I want a zippy knife to cut a bunch of vegetables or butcher some awesome amount of meat with ease, this wooden-handled knife is my best friend.

The Misono UX10 Gyutou

good kitchen knife 1

This is undoubtedly my favorite knife. Made from state of the art Swedish steel and treated to a Rockwell hardness, this knife assure me of a lifetime sharpness, I therefore do not inconvenience my cooking to sharpen it.

Interestingly for me, this knife has composite wood handle with a slim metal booster at the top which not only makes it the most comfortable knife to hold in my kitchen, but also give my kitchen the classy look I always desire.

Always remember, anything good is hard to find. The above knives will not only be good to you but will also prove to be heaven sent, and the best gift your kitchen can ever have. Try them today and thank yourself latter.

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