Juli dwarf star peanut overcharged

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  Grapes, peanut yield modifiers dedicated professional control soaring, flourishing

  Specifications: 20g +25 g / box 120 boxes / carton

  Professional control flourishing, soaring, mention fruit quality, improve fruit yield, grape yield modifiers, peanut yield modifiers

  Product Features:

  Effective control of peanut soaring, flourishing, reduce nutrient consumption; peanut ground to control soaring energy underground fruit enlargement; effective solution blighted fruit caused by the use of MET, less fruit, drop, falling, leaves, premature aging, production problems; containing cells mitogen, Wang control agents, swelling essence, nutrients, acupuncture treatment can be more, much fruit, not soaring, do not drop, shortened internodes length, reduced height, improve stress resistance, anti-cropping capability; fruit nutrients to promote transformation, accelerate the swelling fruit, promote early, nuts enlargement, fruit and more fruit cells, increased double pome reduce blighted fruit, water, benevolence, rot, improve quality, increase production; peanut leaf spot, bacterial wilt, root rot disease, rust, blight has significant control effect; this product is a combination of science, with sterilization, controlled Wang, senility, swelling fruit, anti-cropping, acupuncture treatment and more, anti-drop, high, eight-way integration.


  1, regulating peanut growth, Qi Miao Miao Zhuang, developed root system, improved disease resistance, anti-cropping, lodging, drop, anti-drop, prevent leggy soaring consumption of nutrient loss, acupuncture treatment difficult problem.

  2, protecting flowers and fruits, controlling Wang, promoting needle, shortening the length of the section between the lower height, thicker stems, more than an acupuncture treatment, pod and more large grain bread earners increased double pome, single grain fruit weight, kernel rate high, reducing the blighted fruit rot, water benevolence.

  3 dead seedling rot prevention, physiological diseases yellow leaves, white leaf, mosaic, leaf, you can turn green 48 hours after spraying, improved fertility, accelerate the absorption, but not crazy busy, “six up a control” increases photosynthesis.

  4, especially in the late peanut leaf-prone spots, brown spots, rust, root rot, seedling death, withered a better therapeutic effect.


  The most appropriate application of: flower pin period (after flowering, when a large number of fruit needle buried)

  1, under the needle of Spring Peanut 25-35 days after flowering;

  2, under the needle of Summer Peanut in about 15-20 days after flowering;

  Usage: After flowering, 30-40 kg pack watered foliar spray an acre of land, grow weak fields watered 35-50 kg pack, evenly spraying; growth Wang Shi Tian acre watered 30 kg bag , uniform spraying; this product is equally applicable to the tuber crop enlargement, controlled prosperous.


  1, after the FDA, to forgo the use of other control wang agents;

  2, can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides, can be mixed with insecticide, fungicide, has a synergistic effect;

  3, stored in a cool dry place, away from children, do the same with the food stored in the same place, if caking crystallization instant water does not affect the results;

  4, registration crops: grapes, peanuts, regulate production.

  For crops: regulation grapes, peanuts and other crops yield