Tea worms clear

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  Ingredients: methylamino avermectin benzoate

  Active ingredient content: 11.4g / l

  Formulation: EC

  Size: 300ml * 20

  500ml * 20


  This product is antibiotic resistant urethane virus elimination agents, scientific and reasonable tissue culture, insect contact with liquid, stop damage to crops, the crop mechanism is hindered pests motor nerve transmission of information to paralysis to death; role in stomach Lord, the active ingredient can penetrate the epidermis of crops, with a long persistence of leaf or bud in the borer pests particularly prominent.

  The use of technology and the use of methods:

  Control target range of crops or the use of dosage formulations

  Cruciferous diamondback moth 150-225 ml / ha spray

  Tea Tree Spray times Ectropis 2500-3000

  1, the product is applied to the eggs hatch the young larvae of pests during the spraying, spraying should pay attention to spray evenly, according to the actual situation of the pest control effect optimal dose adjustment.

  2, in the morning or evening spraying is prohibited under high temperature and strong ultraviolet spray noon circumstances;

  3, the spray should be uniform, taking into account both positive and negative. Alignment of the spray hidden pests, better prevention, windy days or rainfall is expected within one hour, do not spraying.

  Duration: 2 years Net content: 300ml