Guangdong and Guangxi heating demand increased pesticide procurement Monosultap

Date:2014/6/20 17:23:06 Hits:116

  As temperatures rise, the rapidly expanding area of various pests and diseases, Guangdong and demand for pesticides will be significantly increased.

  It is understood that Guangdong Province, rice planting area 2981 acres, 6740 acres of crop acreage, has purchased more than 3000 tons of spring agricultural dichlorvos, trichlorfon more than 2000 tons, dimethoate more than 1000 tons, isoprocarb more than 2000 tons, Bisultap more than 4000 tons, chlorpyrifos more than 400 tons, more than 3000 tons of avermectin, emamectin benzoate over 2000 tons, Jinggangmycin more than 5000 tons, carbendazim more than 1300 tons, tricyclazole more than 400 tons, glyphosate phosphine over 5000 tons, paraquat over 3000 tons, butachlor more than 1300 tons, in addition to buying a certain number of Kang width times the Wei, carbofuran and other imported pesticides.

  Guangxi rice cultivation area of ??3046.83 acres, an area of ??1468.63 acres of sugar cane, vegetables 1246.19 acres, to 1103.83 acres of fruit trees, pesticide consumption is expected to be about 60,000 tons during the spring. Nanning, Beihai pesticides increased demand, especially the increase of vegetables medication. As the “two high” pesticide terbufos is disabled for the prevention and treatment of sugar cane borer, around Guangxi province increased the demand for Monosultap. The Guilin and other places are fungicides, herbicides increased demand.