A quarterly multinational pesticide companies were mixed

Date:2014/6/20 17:20:53 Hits:84

  Recently, pesticide multinationals have announced 2014 first quarterly report, Bayer, Syngenta, Dow AgroSciences sales keep growing, an increase of 4.9%, 3.8% and 0.8%. And by the decline in demand in North America and other factors, DuPont sales fell 5.9%, FMC dropped significantly by 20%.

  Bayer steady increase of 4.9%

  Bayer agricultural business sales increased 4.9%, reaching 2.9 billion euros in 2013 to 2.764 billion euros. Crop protection, seed treatment and environmental science are contributed to this encouraging growth, new products play a key role. Business growth mainly benefited from the development of products and with a huge grain sales in Latin America.

  Syngenta growth of 3.8%

  Syngenta Crop Protection business sales increased 3.8% to $ 3.244 billion. Herbicides increased 3.6% to $ 1.36 billion, which amounted to $ 1,055,000,000 selective herbicide, an increase of 4.4%; non-selective herbicide was $ 305 million, an increase of 1%. Fungicides increased by 8.4% to $ 1.004 billion. Pesticides increased by 6.9% to $ 513 million. Seed protection fell 15 percent, to $ 332 million. Other plant protection products increased significantly by 66.7%, reaching $ 045 million. Lower sales of seed protection products, in part because of the suspension of neonicotinoid product sales and Latin American corn (2356, 2.00, 0.08%) reduction in acreage.

  DuPont fell 5.9%

  DuPont sales in the agricultural sector, including crop protection and seed business, including a decrease of 5.9%, down to $ 4.394 billion. Operating income in the agricultural sector decreased by about 5 percent, to $ 1.442 billion. DuPont decline was mainly due to a large number of shipments in the fourth quarter of 2013 resulted in a lower shipments in the first quarter of this year, Brazil and North America and the North American corn acreage decreased herbicide use declined. Increase in seed sales prices, increase investment in research and seed pesticide use declined in Latin America, partially offset by the adverse effects.

  FMC decreased by 20%

  FMC Agricultural Solutions expects first-quarter 2014 operating income decreased by 20% than the same period last year and more. Prolonged cold weather in North America led to the demand of the region after the extension of plant protection products. But the company did not make changes to the annual results for the prospects of agriculture Solutions, continue to expect revenue and operating profit showed an increase of more than 10%.

  Dow AgroSciences, a small increase of 0.8%

  Dow AgroSciences 2014 first quarter sales edged up 0.8% to $ 2.119 billion. Where sales grew by 2%, while sales prices fell by 1%, which plant protection products sales rose 4%. The increase was primarily due to the increase herbicide sales in Europe, Middle East and Africa region. In addition, pesticides sales in Latin America also contributed to the overall growth. New crop protection product sales pyridine sulfonamide herbicide alachlor increased 28 percent, led by