How to prevent powdery mildew wolfberry

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  Powdery mildew is also called wolfberry wolfberry leaf spot, powdery mildew wolfberry based mainly damage leaves, less serious conditions caused by mass production, leaf infected newborn round to nearly round lesion, the size of 2-4mm, brown lesions on the edge central gray, dark gray dorsal often students have mold shaped. Fruit disease also produce similar symptoms.

  Wolfberry powdery mildew features:

  Wolfberry foliage covered with white mildew (early) and pink spots (later)。 This white powder mildew spots with both symptoms of the disease, and symptoms of the disease (bacteria and spores of Alternaria stem)。 Severe wolfberry plant outside now was a white, very striking. Diseased plants photosynthesis blocked, which ultimately caused the leaves gradually turn yellow, easy to fall off.

  Wolfberry powdery mildew control methods:

  1, the selection of resistant varieties Wolfberry: If Ningqi 1.

  2, strengthen field management: After the Fall leaves promptly clean Qi Park, removal of diseased leaves and fruit diseases, focusing buried or burned to reduce the bacteria source. Japan advocated applying compost enzyme retting bacteria, increasing phosphorus, potassium, and enhance resistance to disease.

  3, to control disease prevention spraying early, like rust, powdery mildew on triazolones and organic or inorganic sulfur fungicides are more sensitive. Before the onset of the disease after at the latest to see continuous spraying white uniform spray WP 1 +1, 2 to 3 times every seven days or so (colloidal sulfur, lime sulfur, ultra sulfur suspension) or 10 days (mancozeb) to 20 days or more (triadimefon) 1 spray, alternating application, spray evenly spray foot, better, preventable disease control.