The main field early Pest and Disease Control

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  First, cutworms

  Control methods

  Spray both sides evenly with methomyl content of 6% phoxim content of 14% of full-killing insect eggs hatch in the net to young larvae of: (1) Pharmacy insecticide

  (2) larvae trapping: Paulownia per 667m2 with fresh leaves 60 to 80 (or lettuce leaves, leaf fresh vegetables, fresh grass leaves), the first in a number of shallow pits dug in tobacco fields, the bait into the pit, even in the evening into the field, the first two days before sunrise to kill the larvae under the paulownia leaf, put the leaf 1 effective trapping of 4 to 5 days.

  (3) adult trapping: You can set the black light trapping, or 3 parts sugar, 4 parts vinegar, 1 part wine, made ??from the ratio of 2 parts water lures, packed into several small pots, into the tobacco fields in the evening, early in the morning collection, better lure into the amount of the effect of pesticides.

  (4) weeding plowing: weeds, topsoil cracks are cutworms lay eggs, pupa and wintering sites. Deterioration of the living environment of both pests plowing through weeding, but also to capture the exposed worms.

  Second, wild slugs

  Control methods

  (1) agricultural control: Gaozao sunny terraces should be selected as the seedbed, the selected seedbed plots scarifying first exposure to eradicate the weeds around the turn dug stacked on land as fertilizer burn. Never choose humidity, shade, heavy clay plots or fields before the beans, eggplant, and other vegetables for seedbed. In the seedbed plots dug around a ring ditch, ditch water, ditch water as buffer zone to prevent slugs into seedlings of wild land. In the more arid locations nursery, seedbed to four weeks to sprinkle lime powder, ash or deadening kill slugs into the wild seedlings to damage. Or kerosene, diesel, oil-soaked sawn end sprinkle sprinkle seedbed four weeks or sprinkle with dense Dasa seedbed around, can kill wild slugs.

  (2) trapping and hunting: evening seedlings and surrounding sprinkle sprinkle young lettuce leaves, cabbage leaves, leaves early in the morning kick found that artificial hunting wild slugs. Opposition slugs serious damage occurred plots, 21:00 ~ 23:00 or 6:00 - 7:00 pm with a torch light, found that artificial hunting wild slugs.

  (3) pesticide trapping: Methomyl content of 6% phoxim content of 14% of the full-killing insect eggs hatch in the net to young larvae during positive and negative uniform spray

  Third, the tobacco aphid

  Control methods

  (1) strengthening forecast: Given the harm caused mass poisoning aphid infestation is far higher than the result of their own smoking, so very important to monitor winged aphids migrate to the tobacco fields.

  (2) Chemical Control: Aphids breed quickly and spread rapidly, you must use chemical prevention and treatment. However, aphids and more parasitic mind wrinkled leaves and dorsal office, pharmacy difficult to fully sprayed. Thus, not only requires spraying to thoughtful and meticulous, but should try to choose both the contact and the smoke, pesticide fumigation triple role. With 20% active ingredient content of the assassination 1 +1, not only highly selective, and only the aphids, but not for natural enemies of insects and silkworms, bees and other beneficial insects to humans, to help the field of ecological balance.

  (3) silver films flooding aphid: To avoid tobacco fields winged aphids move into mass poisoning, can be laid at intervals silver film strip Tobacco smoke aphid repellent, before sowing or planting is necessary to set up and take preventive measures.

  (4) Biological control: tobacco aphid occurred before the peak of the release of lacewing larvae in the field, reduce tobacco aphid infestation. Tobacco aphid and lacewing ratio of 50 to 100:1. Can also be released manually or protective use Aphidius so on.