2014 summer melon pest control how to do

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  Summer melon cultivation process, melon diseases, has been let Watermelon headache, disease seriously affected the quality and yield of melon. Today Henan dragon chemical plant protection technical staff analyze melon diseases and prevention methods which correspond as follows:


  Symptoms: The main damage leaves. Small brown leaf spot disease has shown signs after the lesion gradually expanded, margin slightly elevated, ill health department boundaries obvious, but Physalospora obvious, the edge was soaked, several lesions merge into large plaques, causing the leaves dry. Fruit disease, with symptoms similar to leaves, bacteria can invade the pulp to form fruit rot.

  Control methods:

  (1) selection of disease-free seed melons. Seeds with 0.3% of 75% or 50% chlorothalonil WP iprodione WP dressing.

  (2) crop rotation, not with cucurbit cropping.

  (3) strengthen the cultivation and management, organic fertilizer, improve plant resistance to disease. Prevent flood irrigation, early detection and timely removal of diseased leaves buried or burned.

  (4) with the same rule will wither off 1 +1 WP uniform spray, spray once every 7-10 days, even spray 2-3 times.


  Symptoms: early onset and dark green leaves appear yellow-green mosaic piebald, smaller leaves, leaf wrinkled, uneven curl. In twisted vine decline, dwarf plants, small melon fruit surface has a mottled shades of white, or slightly bulging like protrusions.

  Control methods:

  (1) mainly to the cultivation of disease prevention, timely destroy aphids.

  (2) seed treatment, with 55 degrees warm water soaking in cold water 20 minutes after the shift to cool, then germination, planting.

  (3) nurturing seedlings, suitable period of colonization. Pruning pruning and pollination farming operations do not bruise vine leaves to prevent transmission.

  (4) the use of fertilizer technology, improve resistance to disease.

  (5) found that aphids off promptly sprayed with pink thistle off WP.


  Symptoms: seedling disease, appears in the stem near the ground soaked lesions, lesions on leaves nearly round, brown or reddish-brown, with yellow edge halos; stems and petioles sick, sick part is slightly oblong depression lesion; fruit disease, depression disease department cracking, spilling pink viscous when humidity.

  Control methods:

  (1) and non-melon crop rotation implemented over three years.

  (2) with the same off dry charcoal gray cream 1 +1 WP uniform spray.