Excellent tea tree transplanting technology management

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  Varieties of tea tree transplanting process put in a good basis for clearance, planting clearance, management closed.

  (A) base clearance.

  Tea varieties land should generally choose deep soil, slope thickness less than 25 °, well-drained, slightly acidic drylands. Choose a good time for deep plowing land, then by 1.5 m spacing planning. Then dig a wide, deep trench planting each 50 cm in 30 cm deep manure applied per acre block 2500? 4000 kg.

  (B) planting Off.

  Varieties of tea tree planting time is October to February to October-November for the best. Tea varieties planted generally use a single, spaced 1.5 m, 0.33 m spacing, about 1,400 acre clump, clump planting two each. Tea seed planting depth is generally required mud above the door, cut scar less. Planted compaction, root pouring enough water, trim off the ground in the conduct stereotypes 18-20 cm.

  (C) Management Off.

  ① frost and drought. After tea tree tea tree planting in the surrounding layer of straw, then covered with a layer of soil above, anti-scattered by the wind, which can be both frost and drought, in case of long sunny days in winter, watering should be appropriate. ② timely dressing: the first one at the end of the growing season in late May with a thin 1-2% of human waste fertilizer or watering. ③ pest control: timely pest control pests according to the situation around.