I have a coup of tea aphid Prevention

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  Tea aphid infestation becoming tender, crowded in the dorsal shoots and buds often the next, up to two leaf insect population. Needle into the port leaves the organization, from time to time try smoking. On the growth of tea brought serious losses against tea aphids how to do?

  Tea aphid winged aphids about 2 mm, brown, shiny. Antennae yellow base sections. Forewing veins of two forks. There are four pairs of dorsal abdominal spots. Tan winged nymphs, wing buds white. Apterae nearly oval, slightly hypertrophy, tan, yellow row with fine textured surface, basal antennal sections of white, black ends. Wingless nymphs light brown or yellow.

  Many different types of tea aphid predators, such as ladybugs, lacewings, hoverflies, wasps, etc Spring tea aphid population with accumulation occurring predators accordingly, until the tea aphid population peak of the surge in the number of natural enemies, resulting in a sharp decline in the insect population, as per head hoverfly larvae or ladybugs into larvae can be fed daily tea aphid 80-117 head, so long as the predators to protect well, tea in the tea aphid is without spraying, but a small number of predators, there are more than tea aphid tip rate of 10%, with an average leaf aphid insect population has reached 30 when, consider the use of chemical control agents can be used with off pink thistle off, imidacloprid or referred.

  Tea aphid infestation on young shoots shoots suck juice, tea suffer serious, shoots shoots shrink crimp growth stops, yield, lower quality, for chemical plant protection Henan dragon hope we can control as soon as possible.