Lawn Maintenance Tips

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  Lawn leaves and roots of plants are thriving, depends on proper pruning. Pruning rule is no more than a maximum of one-third mowing. Leaf chlorophyll sunlight into a reservoir of new cells, leaves hair cut, the grass will wither. Lawn to regular pruning, mowing must follow the third because the law (or else you'll have to spend two years after planting), since it is difficult to cut the grass too long, only one way is to cut ground.

  It leaves too much is not necessarily well-developed root system. Roots and grasses, soil characteristics, rainfall, and fertilizer related. In spring and summer, generally require pruning once a week, in the summer can be cut once every ten days. In general, the summer grass can be appropriately higher to stay, so you can protect the lawn without the high temperature damage. For example, the most productive and healthy grass height 6 cm, then when it grows to 8 cm, 9 cm it is best not to be timely pruning.

  Grasses different growth patterns are not the same. Should remain high grass grass more, otherwise sunlit area is too small. Creeping grass can stay lower, to 3 cm can be.

  If you trim the timing, but still gives a sense of chaos in the lawn, you can certainly be blunt blade. Blunt blade on the lawn of enormous destructive. Because the grass was torn neatly cut grass than wounded wounds more germs very easily penetrated, so after a blunt force mowing the lawn often become white gray, yellow became the focus after twelve days, not timely treatment often causes large areas of necrosis.

  Blades must wear once every ten days, hob blade can grind once every three months. If grass hard and tough, the sharpening cycle should be shortened. (Our lawn every use case needs sharpening once a week.)

  Newly planted turf ataxia is a normal phenomenon, such as lawn thoroughly after canopy will naturally become neat.

  Crushed grass

  If an ordinary lawn mower with bagels shaped cutter and with inclination to become a broken nose covered with grass mower. The outer part of the blade of grass can be picked straight off, and the formation of a stable negative dip the tip in and make the grass cutter head constantly being repeated blows, until it becomes Jifen. Finally, the central part of the curved blade edges to form a downward airflow meal out, stay in the lawn place.

  After using the lawn mower to trim grass cover broken, leaving in place a very fine meal, then, does not need to set grass lawn looks very nice, it feels fine. Because they do not receive the grass, work efficiency can be doubled. Scientists have demonstrated the impact crushed grass cover does not generate breathable, permeable, transparent and easy to breed nutrient dense grass carpet pests. The main ingredient is grass mat leaves, stems cellulose, not the blade itself is completely meal fines grass tip, often up to 85% moisture content, and therefore the rate of decomposition is very fast, can cause moisture, nutrients quickly break out, back lawn. Grass mat is mainly over-fertilization, irrigation lawn after soaring diffuse lack of results conservation.

  Meal to make the equivalent of covering more than 25% of the annual amount of organic or inorganic fertilizers can be saved. In general, the hot and dry summer, every five to six days, the lawn needs water 25 mm. Most of the nozzle can be poured within an hour or so of water 8 mm. Sprinklers start three hours in theory, be enough for a week. However, the actual situation should start intermittently, every 20 minutes after spraying, let the water soak the ground after reopening, this can really improve the efficiency of water use. Another meal-covered lawn can also save about one-third of the water.

  How to achieve optimal machine performance meal covering it? Follows:

  1 Peregrine cut: cut once every five days, seven days once cut and dried.

  2 Slowly cut: a leisurely walking speed crushed grass cover is the best method.

  3 is always at maximum throttle position.

  4. Before mowing the cutter clean.

  5 blades to a sharp (this is most important)!

  6 After watering done and then cut and can not be trimmed in the wet grass.

  7 mowing height increases, the tip portion of each mowing only about 2 centimeters.

  8 The grass can not grow faster cut more than once, but twice or more than twice should be trimmed.

  9 Do not litter, fertilizer and other things on the lawn.

  10. Read the user manual, the proper use of lawn mowers. Maintain an appropriate grass mat

  Grass mat is not decomposed plant residue cover tightly interwoven between the stem and the soil of the lawn. Grass mat if homeostasis, decomposition uniform properly, you can add a variety of timely lawn nutrients. But if the grass carpet can not be decomposed grass roots material exchange with the outside world will be blocked, the thicker the grass carpet, the more serious problem. People often uncritically blame the turf grass mat, makes it easy to overlook the watering, fertilizing, pruning method aspects of conservation issues.

  All should remain modest lawn grass mat, this is a healthy lawn. But grass mat accumulation and decomposition must reach homeostasis. Grass mat after more than 1 cm thickness on the need to use the right equipment to eradicate the sparse grass.

  Cause damage grass mat is: When trimming the turf tear injury; wheels stuck in the grass carpet and implement difficult; pest opportunity to increase; waste of fertilizers and pesticides rust remover; lawn does not heat dry; carpet grass roots to the development, roots in the soil to shrink; dense grass mat without adding management into a piece of lawn will die.

  After the accelerated decomposition of grass carpet, grass roots and improve the appearance will be very significant.

  General lawn grass mat problems are not trimmed regularly highlighted. But it does need to comb the grass should consider the following steps:

  With sparse grass trimmer comb grass, the grass mat blowing, then cutting machine to cut the growth of roots on the soil, the grass roots carpet layer, destruction, and then use the punch to punch holes lawn, solid play can punch a hole or hollow. Golf Road, general use hollow punch, but not very efficient hollow punch. The main purpose of drilling at this time is to comb through the grass, lawn roots “trauma” by cutting the roots quickly after the water-rich soil development. The effect of this curing process generally after three days you can see.

  Lawn drilling

  In the past, golf turf experts are often reluctant to tell people why their lawn always looked good, in fact, know-how is perforated lawn, lawn must be perforated breathable.

  When spring general, it is best to rent a punch. Lawn need twice or three times a year punch. After punching breathable lawn, you can flip it over hard compacted soil, the dense grass poke some holes to let the grass breathe, add moisture and nutrients, the rapid decomposition of organic grass carpet covered the floor, prompting grass roots thrive development; promote life elements of air, water and nutrients to penetrate the soil and grass mats; promote neutral soil particles across the grass mat obstacles circulation, strengthen the lawn drought, disease, ability to resist pests. Lawn enhanced metabolism, oxygen production increased savings watering, fertilizing, and make the lawn more green, healthy lawn increases vitality and elasticity.