Do not use herbicides in turf which

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  1, control broadleaf weeds postemergence herbicide

  MCPA,2,4-D, bentazon, dicamba, Starane, Tiger, grams of atrazine spirit, Allstate, etc., can not be in the nursery, garden, lawn Kim Ma sings applications.

  2, postemergence herbicide to control grassy weeds

  High Gallant, fine stable killing, fine grasses grams sethoxydim close Letong, Principal control of grassy weeds sprayed postemergence herbicides should not be used in lawn grasses, such herbicides in controlling Wo undergraduate weeds, we will also harm the lawn.

  3, long duration of herbicide

  Sulfonylurea herbicides such as chlorsulfuron, metsulfuron, benzyl Sulfosulfuron, topiramate ethyl, chlorimuron, Ethametsulfuron, Nicosulfuron etc.; imidazolinone herbicides such as S & P kill Principal; heterocyclic herbicides such as Quinclorac, Clomazone so on. The persistence of herbicides in the soil is too long. In the use of these herbicides nursery, three years after planting flower seedlings are likely to be harmed. Metsulfuron cause tall fescue lawn spray, tall fescue can cause yellowing and death. Clomazone cause turfgrass albino.

  4, of the role of soil toxic herbicides

  Amides, ureas, are some of the triazine herbicides and alachlor, acetochlor, fluometuron, metribuzin, simazine, atrazine, prometryn, cotton grass volts and so on. If after the application of these herbicides on the lawn, in the case of water on the lawn roots of plants affected, thereby affecting the development of turfgrass; continuous application in place, will result in the deterioration of soil structure, compaction, soil around the roots of grass plants aeration, and then cause yellowing of turfgrass.

  5, highly toxic or carcinogenic herbicide

  Sodium pentachlorophenol and paraquat toxicity is high, in the nursery and lawn absolutely banned. Nitrofen due to carcinogens has been disabled in many countries, our country has been banned since 2000. Lasso carcinogenic effects in animals, and is not used. Trifluralin has been disabled due to carcinogens in Europe.

  6, contamination with herbicides drift

  Dicamba, molinate greater pollution problems such as drift. General flower seedlings in the lawn all around, on the lawn spraying dicamba, and so easy to drift molinate herbicide will affect the surrounding flower seedling growth.

  7, smelly herbicides

  If the smell of MCPA irritate people, after inhalation of the human stomach, but on seedlings will produce injury, should not be used.

  8, Herbicide. Such as glyphosate (Roundup), paraquat (Gramoxone), etc.

  While some seedlings to low doses of glyphosate have some patience, but sometimes glyphosate on seedling injury is difficult to determine from the intuitively clear, but sometimes the damage is slow, plus it will inevitably when spraying glyphosate there drift can cause damage to the surrounding sensitive flower seedlings.

  In short, in the selection of herbicides, in addition to considering flower seedlings to prevent direct harm to the lawn outside, but also to prevent some potential, possible hidden damage, in order to avoid production of flowers, nursery stock, lawn, quality and around irreparable damage to the environment. To use should be noted according to different needs, variety, broad spectrum herbicide selection period, moderate efficacy of eradication good effect, polluting herbicides.