Citrus red mite control measures

Date:2014/6/19 15:55:36 Hits:101

  In Guangxi, Guangdong citrus producing areas, satsuma mandarin, orange Sugar, Nan Fung tangerine, orange, pomelo and other citrus fruit, is currently subject to spider mite damage is very serious, a lot of leaves due to mite infestation and chlorosis , if not timely prevention and control, it will cause a lot of leaves, but at a time when flowering period, after a lot of leaves will cause severe fruit drop and reduce fruit set. So, in a timely manner to protect foliage spraying control, in order to promote flowering. Specific control methods: pay attention to check citrus leaves, red bugs found during peristalsis, it is necessary foliar spray 2-3 times miticide to prevent and treat the leaves, spray every 7 to 10 days once all evenly wet the foliage, in the beginning there are drops of water dripping appropriate. Because of citrus flowering buds and young fruit is very tender, very susceptible to damage acaricide, causing shattering, so pay attention to the selection miticide. 3.2% aqueous solution of avermectin citrus red mite killing effect is very good, 3 to 5 hours after spraying spider mite mortality rate of around 75%, within 24 hours more than 85%, and has also become resistant spider good effect, and will not harm the buds and young fruit is fruit of the citrus red mite prevention of safe and efficient acaricide.