Three flower seedlings pest control measures

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  When planting, pest infestation is a common thing, common pests are aphids, spider mites and scale insects of the three, so to take the necessary measures to control, in order to avoid greater harm to the flowers.

  Aphids, also known as stick insects, control methods:

  ① with fresh jalapeno or red pepper 50 grams, 30-50 grams, add water, boil for half an hour or so, spray the plants with their victims filtrate.

  ② designed to kill sucking pests with the assassination of a thistle A lice +1 or 1 +1 uniform spray, even spray 2-3 times.

  ③ with Fengyoujing dubbed 600-800 times with water, sprayed with a spray for pests carefully, so that the worm stained potion to kill aphids and scale insects results in more than 95%.

  ④ the detergent, urea, water proportionally 1:4:100, and stir into the mixture to spray plants.

  (4) water with green onions 1kg 0.5kg, smashed juice, the juice watered 6kg, both stir, then spray on the damaged plant at intervals of 3-5 days, three times in a row can be.

  Spider, also known as Brevipalpus. Control methods:

  ① with water about 10 times citrus Piga soak for 24 hours, filtered and the filtrate after spraying the plants.

  ② Take 50 grams, add water 2500 g ash stir, soak 48 hours after filtration, plus three grams of washing powder and mix thoroughly after spraying, spray once a day, even spray three days, one week and then spray every three days.

  ③ with a lit mosquito coils, placed strain pot, and then tie the bag in a pot, smoked for about 1 hour, adults and eggs can be killed.

  Scale insects, crustaceans, worms are horny layer of parcels, such as direct spraying with drugs, it is hard work. Control methods:

  ① with liquor on the water, the ratio is 1:2, when pest control, irrigated basin's surface.

  ② with vinegar (vinegar) 50 ml, into the small cotton ball soaked in vinegar, with a wet cotton ball in the victim's flowers stems, leaves and gently wipe the scale insects can be wiped kill.

  ③ diesel, detergent, water proportionally 100:6:60 tune into the mother liquor, after dilution with water or 30% of the liquid, for kumquat, carefully sprayed on cycad scale insects, one week later, large scale insects part becomes dry state.

  (4) with 75% alcohol killed repeatedly graze plants, which can kill adults and larvae. Under this method is limited to low or fewer pest index potted seedlings case, not suitable for large-scale cultivation, use insect outbreak index.

  (5) with onions or garlic can prevent leachate scale insects. When used, take two garlic mash added 2kg of water immersion after half time, and then take the supernatant, spraying the victim site, every 3-4 days 1, 3 consecutive days to kill all the pests. And it can be a bactericidal effect, inhibiting the spread of bacteria breeding.

  (6) The cigarette 30 or so added 500g of water to soak overnight, filtered, adding a little liquid soap to spray, it effectively scale insect nymphs.