Spring fruit tree seedlings planted Precautions

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  Spring fruit tree seedlings planted Precautions

  Spring is the best time for planting fruit tree seedlings, and how to ensure the survival rate of seedlings planted, we have to grasp several important aspects, effectively improve the survival rate of seedlings.

  First, the seedlings heel.

  After seedlings shipped to, if not timely planting can be carried out heel, select room shade trenching, general Goushen 40 cm, width 80 cm, depending on the length according to the number of seedlings. If the soil is dry before filling permeable, water thoroughly until after trenching. The seedlings cut to stem height of about 10 cm or more, tying tying unlock root seedlings, seedlings will be tilted at a 45 degree angle with the ditch. The roots are arranged uniformly in the trench slope, and the root reclosable casing.

  Second, the spacing of seedlings.

  Planting spacing due to topography, soil type, species, etc. vary rootstock, soil barren mountains, wasteland or dwarf rootstock seedlings can skip close planting, plains, fertile soil can be Sparse. Spacing of 2 m or 3 m, spaced 4 m or 5 m; pears, persimmons, plums, kiwi fruit tree planting should be configured pollination, about 10:1, nectarines, peaches generally self-pollination.

  Three points, ditch ready.

  Planting hole depth of 60 to 70 cm in diameter and 60 to 70 cm, the size of the planting hole should be determined based on the quality of the soil, the soil dug pussy good, bad soil to dig a large hole, topsoil and subsoil should be separated, topsoil after a good soil and decomposed manure mixed evenly populated tree hole lower, new soil on the surface. Root zone 20 cm spacing and fertilization area, fresh manure is applied as base fertilizer is prohibited, so as not to hurt the roots.

  Fourth, the seedlings planted.

  Deciduous fruit trees planting time is generally advisable in winter, evergreen fruit trees in spring is appropriate, when planting to achieve normalization, to make the trip anyway. Married interface should be exposed on the ground when planting roots to stretch, then earth, practical, irrigation, water seepage and then seal the hole to facilitate water retention.

  Fifth, given seedlings dry.

  After the fruit tree seedlings planted in a timely manner given the dry, windy locations should dwarfing cultivation, peach, nectarine, plum, generally use fun-shaped, should be given 20 to 40 cm in dry, to stay under full notches 10 cm plastic band Select the main branch with buds aside, leaving 1 to 2 grape buds.

  Six seedlings pest control.

  After a good fruit tree seedlings planted seedlings pest prevention must do, and this can improve the survival rate of planting, so that strains the body robust, vigorous growth, you can use the spirit Four nursery plant growth regulator, which has three main functions:

  1 induced adventitious roots, lateral Early, rapid development, promote root development, formed a huge root system.

  2. Stimulate strong root growth potential to form explosive roots, improving transplant survival.

  3 activation strains catheter body, enhance the body resistance strains significantly improved growing, leafy;. Ease the injury, repair damaged cells, rapid recovery growth, inhibit bacteria infection.