How to prevent common phenomenon flowers rot

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  1, watering should be moderate, not too often, this is a lot of beginner gardening people often mistake. See see wet dry should grasp the principle. This pot plants in the basin of dormancy, Huanpen early should pay special attention.

  2, cultivate the soil blending a variety of organic matter, such as leaf mold, manure, sawdust, manure, manure, organic waste, etc., shall be fully fermented after a long maturity to use, do not use raw manure otherwise, when the raw manure fermentation, the temperature is too high, it will cause root burn rotten.

  3, fertilizer plants to pots, the amount and concentration must not be too large, you should try to follow the “small number” principle, with excessive, it will burn root rot.

  4, to ensure good water seepage basin. When watering potted plant, water accumulates in the basin surface, long easy infiltration, such a situation are the following reasons:

  (1) basin is new on clay, organic matter or sand-free, it is difficult seepage.

  (2) holes in the tile saucers, blocked the hole, or pelvic floor mats gravel layer is too thin, or draining gravel pad layer, resulting in poor water seepage.

  (3) Huanpen flower for many years, the roots of the group covered the basin knot, so difficult water infiltration.

  It should be moderately add organic humus, sand, slag, coal soot and other ingredients, to ensure that there is good ventilation matrix permeability properties. Or re Huanpen, cut excessive fibrous roots, or the course of time will cause the leaves yellow and fall off, water rot and death.