Landscaping direction of development - irrigation

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  1, water-saving. Water-saving irrigation system that uses a variety of water-saving, water irrigation techniques, including irrigation management technology to meet the green of green color, upright foliage, fresh, resistant to trampling on the basic functionality. In comparison, modern greenbelt irrigation has more modern, basically eliminating the surface irrigation water wastage problems, saving effect also very significant. However, the potential for water saving green space is still large. Still many problems to be studied. For example, a variety of water demand and variation of landscape plants under different climatic conditions, is an issue to be studied in depth, once mastered this data, you can use advanced irrigation technologies in a timely manner, the amount of ground water to the plant, truly accurate water-saving irrigation.

  2, precision. Green space irrigation precision of intelligent technology is based, in accordance with the laws of different plants need water in the irrigation quantity, irrigation time and space to achieve precise control of the water supply. Using remote sensing technology (rs), Geographic Information Systems (gis), decision support systems (dss) or global positioning system (gps), green timely collection of information, through information processing and decision-making to the intelligent way to control irrigation systems, to press water water demand variables into the current preliminary precision irrigation using timer control, our country has introduced more than a decade, but the application is not yet widespread, the use of timer control irrigation, water saving much compared to manual control, it can be different climate and time, set a different program, reducing the randomness.

  Intelligent irrigation technology is accompanied by the development of computer application technology and progressive realization. This system is used in the landscaping is also increasing. Intelligent irrigation system can automatically collect soil moisture, wind speed, rainfall and other data, the preparation of the day's irrigation program automatically based on these data and implementing irrigation; can automatically monitor the pipeline leak, solenoid valves, pumps and other equipment failures and alarms; can automatically record, display save the running time of each irrigation zone. Intelligent systems can also be controlled manually, either manually start the solenoid valve, field controllers, closed, you can manually start the computer, close any station, any one solenoid valve for management to provide a great convenience. If water from a complex system between the pump to solenoid valves, sprinklers or drippers to manage a computer by an automatic control system with intelligent decision-making functions, can be done to maximize water conservation, energy efficiency, maximize protection system equipment operation to avoid the occurrence of excessive irrigation irrigation system, irrigation system deficiencies and accidents.

  3, integrated. In addition to the plant consists of a single green lawn playground, etc., most of the green space is an artificial ecological communities from the tree, shrub, flower, grass and other plants composed of different plant demand for water is also different. As irrigation systems to water plants, water supply to the plant should also be in accordance with the laws of different plants need water and water demand. Future green space irrigation systems, will break the boundaries of sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and other methods, including drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation drip subsurface irrigation in the region, such as the inclusion of different irrigation methods with an irrigation system to meet the diverse plant community Claim. For example, the green of the trees and shrubs implementation of drip irrigation, drip irrigation, lawn sprinkler implementation, while green space on the ground and grass also has rainwater harvesting and water conservation features. Different plants have different root depth, absorbing different ranges can be ground irrigation, surface irrigation, shallow irrigation, deep irrigation combine to precipitation, irrigation water and groundwater unified deployment, green water to form an integrated management system.

  4, and scientific management. One-third of the trees planted in charge of seven said. In fact, green space irrigation management is also very important, and the most is the lack of irrigation management. Due to poor management, turf wither due to lack of irrigation, irrigation excessive flooding, leaks, running water and other common occurrences. Therefore, strengthening green water management will be an important topic of recent and future. By cultivating and establishing specialized green management team, market mechanisms will introduce green management. Irrigation of green space while strengthening scientific research, strengthen the construction of urban green water regulations, to provide the necessary scientific basis for the green water management infrastructure and management.