How to protect and repair garden trees

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  Landscape Trees and backbone trunk branches, often causing wounds due to pests, frost damage, sunburn, mechanical damage. If we do not protect and repair, after rain erosion and parasitic bacteria, decaying into a hollow interior. Not only affects the appearance of the tree, but also affect the normal growth of trees. Therefore, according to the trunk of the wound site, such as the severity of the treatment and repair to take a different approach.

  A trunk wound treatment for wounds on the trunk, first scrape with a sharp knife around the flattened, curved edges make the cortex, and then use the Pharmacy (2-5% copper sulfate solution, 0.1% mercuric chloride solution, stone sulfur mixture liquid) disinfection, and then apply protective agent, protective agent to be easy to apply, good adhesion, heat does not melt, impervious to rain, does not corrode the tree tissues, usually with lead oil well; such as the use of hormones primer on wound healing more favorable.

  Second, the patch can not heal hollow tree holes for long-term, we may face in the hole slats nailed to a putty knife and hemp ash closed (can also be used to install glass putty); then apply lime emulsion, pigment noodles, Finally, in the above press bark pattern or nailed a true bark, so look more natural. In addition, the method can also be filled with patching holes in the trees, the filler is best to use a mixture of small gravel and cement, filler must be compacted to strengthen the filler and xylem connection, a number of cave plated nails nails, on both sides of the hole dug 4 cm deep grooves starting from the bottom filler, 20 to 25 centimeters per one layer, separated by linoleum, each have slightly outwardly inclined to facilitate drainage, should not exceed the edge of the xylem, cambium that callus can be formed on it. Outer layer of lime, latex, powder coated colors. So that the tree beautiful.

  If the tree hole is too large and gives a strange feeling, to do repair, reserved for viewing. But it must be rotten inside the tree xylem completely clear, scrape the edges of the hole necrotic tissue until the new organization is exposed, with disinfection repellant coating, while changing the hole shape to facilitate drainage.

  Third, the top branches garden column for the top application of more branches, trees or ancient trees, if any trees are lopsided, drooping branches need to set up large pillars supporting a good, solid pillars to (usually of metal, wood piles, reinforced concrete columns, etc.) connected to the upper end of the trunk should be set at the appropriate prop rod and care bowl, add a cushion to avoid damaging the bark. Also take into account aesthetics, should harmonize with the surrounding environment.

  Fourth, the trunks painted white body is also an important tree protection measures. The purpose is to control pests and diseases and delay the trees bud and avoid sunburn damage. White-agent component generally formulated as follows: 10 parts of water, 3 parts of lime, lime sulfur 0.5 parts salt 0.5 parts, plus a little adhesive, in order to extend the period Tubai.