Moisturizing technical methods transplant trees

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  In any form of transplant trees transplanted roots will damage trees, trees in order to ensure the body balance, people often take in advance to quit, cut shrinkage branches, technical measures such as encapsulation-section. If in the process of transplanting stem conducted moisturizing treatment, reducing its moisture evaporation will help to improve the survival rate of transplanted trees. According to practical experience, trunk moisturizing generally have the following three methods in practice depends on the specific situation and then make the appropriate choice:

  1, tie wrap film grass

  First with straws or directly with straw wrap the trunk, and then with a fine rope to secure it in the trunk. Then with a hose or sprayer to wet the straw can also be soaked first and then wrapped straws or straw. Followed with plastic film bag at straws or straw, the final film will be strapped to the trunk. * Near the lower trunk of the soil ball so that the film started to shop at the base of the casing after irrigated dry pocket together along with mulching. Surrounding mulch with soil pressure is good, so that available soil temperature regulation, to ensure that there is space in the trunk wrapped sufficient temperature and humidity, eliminating the need for supplemental watering of labor.

  2, wrapped wire for film

  First Shengkun tight trunks with thick grass and straw irrigated tied plastic film outside moisture. Base floor coating method with the method of a compacted soil, moisturizing effect is obvious thermostat, also in favor of survival.

  3, film wrapped bundles of grass cloth tied

  In some of the landscape is very beautiful environment, due to wrap film will affect the landscape of grass tied to the effect that after the film wrapped grass tied completed, then a layer of thick white linen wrapped around the outside of the trunk and trees. This will be coordinated with the environment, prevent summer film temperature is too high, but also conducive to the trunk of moisture to survive.

  These three trees moisturizing same principle method, but some differences in the choice of materials, the trunk closed with a plastic film, a mandatory holding moisture, more stable than traditional manual water conservation, more uniform, bad weather can pair the impact of trees and damage to a minimum. Therefore, in “March” heaven “dog day” day, must not disassemble film. Must be 1-2 years of growth cycle, after steady growth of trees before removing the film. Operating said trunk moisturizing planting trees can be before, so more convenient.