Orchard fertilization management attention to what?

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 Fruit orchard management is most concerned about the issue, how to manage the orchard to do it? The following terms of fertilization to introduce points:

  1. The annular groove fertilization According fruit tree roots outward expansion of the breadth of the outer edge of the canopy to dig a deep 40 to 60 cm wide and 40 cm in circumference ditch. The fertilizer is then covered with soil into the ditch using this method is suitable for the winter or early spring to newly cultivated orchards and smaller canopy young orchard organic fertilizer.

  2 fertilizing or injection fertilization Pit that is dug several deep canopy around 30 to 60 cm of soil cave, the fertilizer applied into the cavity; injection method is to use a soil fertilizer drill holes in the trunk around Shupan, depth of 50 centimeters, the deployment of a good liquid fertilizer injection cave. These two methods suitable for arid areas or high density orchard orchards, mostly as a liquid fertilizer.

  3 Shupan obstruct cast

Fertilizer applicator is more concentrated in the range Shupan also deep cultivator after fertilization, the fertilizer plunged into the soil. This method is suitable for young orchard, the advantage is cast over the whole park P fertilizer concentrate is generally coarse and fine fat fat, slow and quick combination of compost.

  4 radial grooves fertilization  In the trunk as the center, evenly dig a shallow trench 5 to 6 radially outside the canopy, shallow depth outside, to the crown on the ground projection of 20 to 30 cm deep, then applied into fertilizer and casing. This method is suitable for mature orchard fertilizer.

  5 rows ditch fertilization

Down fruit trees in the orchard rows to each row to open a width of 50 cm and a length of about 40 cm deep trench, the fertilizer applied into the trench. This method is suitable for large-scale orchard selection, can be taken mechanized operations.

  Orchard fertilization can not only improve the soil, high-yield, but also make the fruit robust growth, enhanced fruit resistance, so that the coming year fruit yield.