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  If the anti-swelling protecting flowers and fruits sweetened fruit shrink color precocious yielding resistant to rust crack detoxification pollination


  This product is made of chitin, bio-peptides, plant enzymes, biological calcium, fruit vegetarian, and jujube Brassinolide the required elements, the scientific group with reasonable from the new, high efficiency, low toxicity, environmentally friendly jujube special products; 5-6 hours after spraying fully absorbed quickly adjust jujube their immune system, calcium supplements, promote differentiation and improve pollination rates, protecting flowers and fruits, with the anti-swelling fruit, sweetened colored, early yield, reduced fruit cracking, resistant to rust effect; able to effectively control the excessive growth, improving drought, waterlogging, resistance and other properties; also promote cell division balanced fruit on fruit cracking, deformed fruit with special effects, can significantly improve fruit grade, good taste, early market 8-15 days.


  If the anti-swelling, protecting flowers and fruits, can improve fruit, sweetness and waxy layer thickness increases, so that leaves dark green, thick, pollen germination increased, stimulating the ovary swollen, so pollen tube growth, promote photosynthesis . Reduced fruit cracking, resistance to embroider, to enhance the jujube frost, drought resilience and reduce fungi, viruses that cause various diseases, effective prevention jujube fruit cracking and smooth surface rust so gorgeous face jujube, jujube decomposition Since the toxin insecticides, improvement of the quality of jujube. Sweetening color, early yield, a substantial increase in the sugar content of the fruit jujube, fruit and effective in preventing growth retardation leaflets, yellow leaves, rotten fruit cracking phenomenon. Increase the pulp and sugar water, so sweet and cool mellow fruit, flowers Qing glycosides substances to improve peel pigment, so the fruit surface smooth bright, generally yield 30-40%, ahead of the Listing 8-15 days, to extend the shelf life of 15-20 days.


  1 pouring root: 30-40 kg bag watered evenly IRRIGATING.

  2. Spraying watered 12-20 kg per bag, uniform spray, taking into account the negative, 11:00 or 14:00 before the previous best.

  3 This product can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides, use interval of 8-10 days, the best results.

  4 can be used with insecticides, fungicides, can mutually synergistic effect, with the distribution with use.

  5 Do the same with the food storage, same place, do not let children touch, should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, avoid exposure.

  6 This product can quickly be absorbed by crops, three hours after heavy rain Needless spray.