How can we effectively solve the vegetable seedling damping-off disease?

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Vegetable seedling damping-off disease how to do? Next Chinese dragon (Henan) chemical plant protection experts to share with you control measures:

1 disease symptoms

Before the emergence of disease caused cotyledon, radicle and young stems brown rot, that is bad or rotten seed bud. Seedling disease, mostly starting from the root part, first as water-soaked, and the rapid expansion in the cotyledons still green, before wilting, roots Ministry constricted thinning seedlings that is affixed to the lodging of death, so called "damping-off disease." . Seedbed humidity, disease department and around the bed to produce a white cottony mold. The beginning is often only individual seedling disease, when conditions are right, these diseased center, quickly spread to the surrounding, often forming a piece of field Ward.

2 control methods

① choose to reveal the nursery should choose higher ground, to row to irrigation, not heavy clay, disease or mild disease as a nursery ground, not the old nursery soil. Protected nursery tray planting. Ground temperature is low, the electric hotbed planting.

② sowing conditions, where possible, should try to avoid hypothermia period, but it is best to make the seedlings sprouting in a month to avoid the rainy season.

③ Chuangtu seedbed disinfection disinfection in the prevention of damping-off effect is very significant. Seedbed before planting by 30% per square meter mold metalaxyl 2000-3000 evil times meticulous seedbed soil or sprayed with rhizosphere Kang Four seedbed evenly spray, can prevent seedling damping-off, blight, fusarium wilt , root rot, stem rot and other diseases from occurring; If IRRIGATING, 100-150 grams per plant, spraying an interval of seven days at times, can prevent root rot, wilt disease occurrence.