Four nursery Spirit

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  Flowers, nursery stock special rooting agent, ABT, landscaping dedicated Rooting

  A frost MZ

  The total active ingredient content: 58% Metalaxyl content: 10%

  Mancozeb content: 48%

  Metalaxyl hymexazol zero gibberellic acid-induced hormone-generation plant enzymes brassin manganese indole

  Formulation: wettable powder

  Size: 25 +20 +20 +20 g / box 65 boxes / carton

  Plant growth regulators, flowers, nursery stock rooting agent, ABT, plant rooting powder and plant rooting trees rooting agent, rooting agent

  Quick rooting, budding rapidly relieve activation catheter injury


  Nursery Spirit is using Korean technology, imports of raw materials from the plant mildew, cytokinin, indole acetic acid, gibberellic acid, brassinolide and imported additives, senior experts from the scientific preparation of the new highly active rooting preparations; soluble in water, do not need alcohol to dissolve, to promote plant hormones, endogenous polyamines, phenols, carboxylic acids, polysaccharides synthesized compounds stimulate certain metabolic enzymes activities, but also to stimulate the absorption and transformation of plant nutrients promote cell division, stimulate root growth potential, so that strains the body quickly restore vitality, greatly improving the survival rate of transplant, to strain the body robust growth Qiangwang good results.


  1 effective control on clean dry seedbed, Rhizoctonia root rot, weak seedling, seedlings died, and soil-borne diseases;

  2, root growth, stalk thickening, densification hair root, root aspect accelerated expansion, transplanting seedlings to mention fast, can quickly repair damaged tissue. 3 around the seedling roots rapid decomposition of harmful substances in the soil and deposition disease.

  4. Improve immunity seedling frost resistance, low temperature, good packing, Miao Zhuang, Miao Qi.

  Good crops: flowers, nursery stock, garden, fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, lawn, field crops and other crops.


  Seedbed: Each spray amount of 120-180 square feet.

  Nursery: Four in each group plus two kilograms of fine soil mix thrown into 120-360 square meters.

  Leaf Spray: Each 15-18kg watered evenly spray, wet body lines are good.

  Cuttings: Each watered 150-200 kg, can handle cuttings of 4000-5000 strains.

  IRRIGATING: 150-200 kg IRRIGATING in each dilution, or diluted with a base body spray evenly sprayed plants to water wet uniform is appropriate; (Note: Each placed in a container, add water and mix 2-3 kg twice diluting the required amount.)


  1, not with food storage with the same movement, away from children, stored in a cool dry place.

  2, Ye Miao spraying should avoid the sun and rain, one hour after the rain without re-spray, does not affect the results, strong adhesion rain erosion resistance.

  3, this product is not mixed with alkaline pesticides, if crystalline agglomeration instant water does not affect the results.