Root vegetables conservation techniques

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    Root is the fundamental root is the foundation. The quality of vegetables and root vegetables determines the quality of growth and development, it determines the quality of vegetables, how much the level of production and farmers income.

  Root vegetables have a role in three areas: One is absorbed. Can absorb moisture and nutrients. Absorb moisture, leaf transpiration to meet the needs of the needs and results. Absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements to meet the physical needs of vegetable plants.  The second is support. Play a pillar role of the vegetable plant stands in the soil, the upper stems and fruits can be interdependent.  Three are synthetic. Root synthesis of endogenous hormones to meet the many vegetables grown physiological needs.  Well, good conservation Zayang to plant root vegetables, robust root system to grow?

  A strengthening conservation vegetable plant leaves.   “Root raised by leaves, leaf by root length.” Between the roots and leaves of vegetables are interdependent, interdependence, mutual promotion and indispensable relationship. Vegetable plant leaves at a certain temperature during the day, with the sun light for photosynthesis as an incentive to manufacture nutrients, these nutrients down to the base of a part, to keep a good root, root to growth and development. The application of fertilizer into the ground, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients can not keep root, only for root absorption, followed by vegetables delivered to the plant stem conducting tissue, leaves, fruit being used, or in the photosynthetic the Effect of the reconversion. Therefore, we can say that the fertilizer was applied to the underground roots not directly raised, but leaf photosynthesis photosynthetic products were manufactured by raising the root, root growth promotes absorption of these mineral nutrition classes. Some local farmers are often blind to knock down the lower leaves of vegetable plants, and once knocked out for the easy way also more normal growth of vegetables and results greatly. The first spike fruit such as tomato leaves do not stay down, causing the first spike fruit enlargement is very slow, and some grow up, root growth also caused difficulties, even if the majority applied the fat will not be absorbed by the roots. After some farmers to leave enough of the tomato fruit, a direct hit leaves light around the top of the ear, causing the spike fruit grown difficult place in light intensity also occurred sunburn. Cucumber takes 16 --- 20 better functional leaves, in order to ensure normal growth and high and stable production plants, while some farmers blind destroyed the lower leaves, and some ruthless fight Mrs Ip, causing weakness and plant yields. So, no reason to fight blindly leaf is very harmful, especially in the lower part of the plant leaves, these leaves are a source of organic nutrients produced, is designed for the storage of these nutrients for the roots that use. In this regard, we should focus on the protection of the lower leaves, leaves to light when playing, one should not play too much. At the same time, to strengthen pruning management to ensure a reasonable plant type, improving blade see the light; improve plant resistance to pests and diseases prevention to ensure a healthy leaves, photosynthesis normal; reasonable foliar spray with chitin, salicylic acid, etc., enhanced leaf the enzyme activity, improve photosynthetic efficiency. 

  2, creating good conditions for the use of root growth.  First, to the fertile soil, good ventilation. organic fertilizer less, relying on a variety of fertilizers to produce vegetables, deterioration of soil physical and chemical properties make root difficult stretch, poor ventilation, poor ventilation, especially in winter water often lead to big cause root rot steep. Therefore, soil fertility is a key part of vegetable production. Fertilization grasp on what three areas. First, it should re-organic fertilizer. Adding manure and other organic fertilizers is undoubtedly an important means to increase the soil organic matter, soil structure, usually applied manure per acre may base 10 --- 15 side, farmyard manure 10 side, can also be applied with plowing into the ground the crop residues 50-60 square to increase soil organic matter content and improve soil aggregate structure, improve soil permeability. Second, the emphasis on scientific fertilization. For new vegetable garden vegetable and poor soil fertility, lack of various nutrients, particularly trace elements, we must advance as needed to make up for the vegetable fat is different, so vegetables appear Tuofei symptoms. Chicken manure can be applied at the time of the base, such as organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer was applied with 80-100 kg, rich in trace elements in fertilizer 20-30 kg. Adding again to bio-fertilizer. A large number of tests show that bio-fertilizer can significantly improve soil structure, increase soil fertility, promote the growth of vegetables and roots. Therefore, bio-fertilizer is added to enhance soil fertility, an important measure to promote root growth. Available at the base of organic fertilizer, bio-fertilizer was applied at the same time, after application of bio-fertilizer per acre and fertilizer mix applicator. Thus, not only can significantly improve soil aggregate structure and physicochemical properties, inhibit the occurrence of vegetable root diseases (especially on a variety of soil-borne diseases), and increase production effect is very obvious. After mu biological agents and fine soil mix when planting fertilizing Zaimiao.

  Second, the ground temperature to be appropriate.Ground temperature can significantly affect the growth and development of roots. Low root is not long, but also often cause rot, vegetables if the ground temperature drop caused by cold is too large, new leaves often purple, which is the performance of phosphorus deficiency, but the root cause is the ground temperature is too low. If this phenomenon, the leaf surface to be sprayed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate supplement, more important is the increase in temperature as quickly as possible. Spring Note watering methods. Watering can significantly affect the ground temperature, especially from February to March in the rain and snow, vegetables pouring water temperature will be significantly reduced when the outside temperature is low, the water temperature is more than well water Ponds at 2-8 ℃, water the hot melt large, elevated temperature required to absorb a lot of heat, so after a cold water temperature will be decreased rapidly, difficult to recover in a short time. The geothermal protected vegetable shed indoor temperatures than usual lower limit of high 3-8 ℃, so once poured water, geothermal and more from over 20 ℃ drops below 10 ℃, it is easy to break ground temperature required minimum value of vegetables, that limit, the result would cause great harm to the growth of vegetables, especially root damage, resulting in some very serious victimization vegetable root growth is difficult to recover. This requires watering should be in the sunny morning, should also be appropriate to reduce the amount of water, the water can take a multi-branch, pouring, etc. interlaced wrong way to avoid ground temperature to reduce the magnitude is too large, it is difficult to achieve as soon as possible after watering to rise up, causing physiological activity of vegetables to be adversely affected, a serious impediment to the growth and development of root vegetables.  Three; peak of results should strengthen the conservation of roots is a top priority, along with the aging plant roots absorb nutrients diminished capacity. It is recommended that growers use water over and over again fertilizer manure management methods, but do not run empty water, Debris Shimei Guo explosive root or root rhizosphere Sport Quad keep promoting root. Avoid premature to extend the harvest period.