Emamectin benzoate-buprofezin

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  The total active ingredients: 21%

  Ether urea: 20%

  Emamectin benzoate: 1%

  Formulation: EC

  Size: 300ml * 20 bottles

  A Vidin ether urea, professional against diamondback moth, tea green leafhopper

  This product is equipped by the emamectin benzoate, diafenthiuron original drug, emulsifier and a suitable solvent complex formed with contact and stomach action, can be used to control cabbage diamondback moth, tea green leafhopper , Spodoptera.

  The use of technology and the use of methods:

  Crop (or range) control object dosage formulations use

  Cabbage diamondback moth 30-70 ml / acre spray

  Tea leafhopper Spodoptera 40-80 ml ??/ acre spray

  Notes: (1), the amount of system hectare = 15 mu preparations amount *

  (2) The total amount of active ingredient concentration (mg / kg) = (content * 1000000 formulation / preparation dilution)

  1, the product should harm the young larvae of diamondback moth spraying early, pay attention to spray evenly.

  2, windy days or rainfall is expected within one hour, do not spraying.