ground rhizome enlargement

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  Dedicated underground crop yield modifiers special yam yield leavening agent

  Sodium alginate, inducing hormone, chitin, choline chloride

  Specifications: 20g +25 g / box 120 boxes / carton

  Peanuts special leavening agent, leavening agent dedicated onions, yams special leavening agent, leavening agent special sweet potato, potato dedicated leavening agent, leavening agent dedicated underground crops;

  Plant growth, growth flour, yam yield leavening agent, sweet potato yield leavening agent, leavening agent peanut yield, yield leavening agent onion, potato yield leavening agent, improve fruit yield


  Promote the rapid growth of the underground tubers, improving photosynthesis, quickly leaves, roots, stems absorption, increased plant activity, under the control of the pro-balanced support to enable rapid enlargement to the tuber to a large uniform Ze Liang, resistant storage and transportation, good quality, disease resistance, anti-cropping, the highest increase of more than 20-40%, is pollution-free green pure biological underground tuber expansion of high-tech new products.


  1 underground natural biological fruit fruit swelling agent to promote stem swelling, increase in stem toughness, reducing deformed fruit.

  2, effectively promote a balanced transportation and accumulation of endogenous hormones and accelerate the transfer of nutrients, robust, cold and drought, waterlogging, boost the immune system and reduce the occurrence of disease physiology.

  3, can inhibit crop flourishing soaring improve pollination rates, solid texture, tubers uniform, bright lip color. ,

  4, this product is safe and efficient non-toxic, pure biological products and to relieve itself of toxins and crop injury.


  1 box of Fruit Growing foliar Fung (1 +1) watered 15-20 kg, stir spray to accelerate stem cell division.

  2 result after flowering period, pack to Raymond (1 +1) watered 15-20 kg, stir spray, under the control of pro-accelerated to stem swelling, increase.


  1, can be mixed with acidic pesticides, and synergies.

  2, the spray should be before 11:00 am or 2:00 in the afternoon after appropriate to avoid high temperatures and strong ultraviolet job, crystalline lumps instant water does not affect the quality, spraying a child does not affect the results.

  3, the FDA no longer used after other agents or modulators swelling fruit products.

  4, do the same with the food stored in the same place, away from children, stored in a dry place.

  For crops: sweet potatoes, peanuts, onions, potatoes, herbs, yams, garlic and other crops.