Warm congratulations to new chemical Henan dragon formally launched the official website!

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  Dragon (Henan) Chemical Group is one for high-end lawn, fruit, flowers, tea, herbs and field crops raisers to dominate R & D units, test base, production plants and sales network in one of the major agricultural chemical companies, products throughout the country. End insecticides to insects Dan, worms destroy, kill, acetamiprid, thistle A lice, kill the whole net, Bacillus thuringiensis, etc.; end fungicides have spotted the whole net, white, spotted Li Jing, sepsis, Bacillus , charcoal gray frost withered, withered shall governance; high plant growth regulator American explosive roots, rhizosphere Kang, nursery spirit, fruit Fung - rhizome enlargement, peanut shorter and more abundant, swelling star fruit, organic silicon, nitrogen copper . 2014 new products across the board market, domestic hot investment, welcome to consult around the insight to explore.