Dragon Chemical, founded in 2008, the company registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a nursery, garden, tea-end cash crops, golf course green tech products based conservation group, R & D, production, sales and service as a whole, and long-term cooperation, Beijing Forestry University, committed to the development of green, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, conservation sophisticated safety products.

  High bio-pesticides have assassinated 1 +1, 1 +1 thistle A lice, such as Bacillus thuringiensis 1 +1; end biocides have white, spotted Li net, charcoal gray frost withered, withered shall governance; high plant growth regulator Four agents are rhizosphere Kang, nursery spirit Four, to Raymond rhizome enlargement 1 +1, 1 +1 peanut dwarf multi-Feng, swelling fruit Star 1 +1 and so on.

  Group owns 500 acres of experimental base, since its inception, has been focused on building a garden lawn suitable for China's national conditions eco-system conservation and the environment, science and conservation, ecological management; Group has developed a series of nurseries, garden series, flower series, tea series lawn nursing products, from transplanting to the late management has a set of technical and product support. Where rooting liquid nutrient solution Almighty and other products, has formed a good reputation in the market, with significant results trusted by users throughout the country, and received critical acclaim from industry experts; companies rely on powerful resource, the product has been exports to South Korea, India, Pakistan, South Africa and other neighboring countries.

  Company to environmental, ecological premise, relying on the support of high-tech, always walk in the garden, lawn maintenance forefront of the industry, as the vanguard of the industry in the coming years will continue to increase research and development, the promotion of new products, the the “service, cooperation and win-win” concept, excellence, innovation, ecological environment, green homes Yongteng former Chi ……